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Aird's Tunes I, sheets & midi files # 100 - 200

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Aird's Tunes I
Aird's Tunes I / # 1 - 99
simple Midi files # 100 - 200
Copyright notice and music reference

Cacina : 00000100.mid

Queensberry House
You're Welcome Charlie Stewart

Yanky Doodle : 00000102.mid

Lady Charlote's Delight : 00000103.mid

Big Bowwow : 00000104.mid

Pady Whack : 00000105.mid

La Damoselle : 00000106.mid

The Cameronian's Rant : 00000107.mid

Linky Lanky: 00000108.mid

Soldiers Joy: 00000109.mid

The Ranting Roaring Highlandman: 00000110.mid

Push about the Jorum: 00000111.mid

Nancy Dawson: 00000112.mid

Quick Step 43d. Regt: 00000113.mid

Marionets: 00000114.mid

Major Montgomerie's Quick Step: 00000115.mid

My Lodging is on the Cold Ground
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

The Royal Glasgow Volunteers Farewell: 00000117.mid

Steer her up and had her gaan: 00000118.mid

Bab at the Bouster: 00000119.mid

The Dainty Besom Maker: 00000120.mid

Lather awa' wi' your Oak Stick: 00000121.mid

Tom Tullus's Hornpipe: 00000122.mid

Fy let us a' to the Bridal: 00000123.mid

The Parson in his Boots: 00000124.mid

Sweet Mally: 00000125.mid

Quick March 42d. Regt: 00000126.mid

Quick March by Mr. Handel: 00000127.mid

The Long Room of Scarbrough: 00000128.mid

The Drummer: 00000129.mid

Green Sleeves: 00000130.mid

Miss Gunning's Delight: 00000131.mid

Dainty Davie: 00000132.mid

My Peggy is a Young thing
The Wauking of the Faulds
: 00000133.mid

The Parson in the Suds: 00000134.mid

Up wi't Ailly now: 00000135.mid

The Wonder: 00000136.mid

2d. Quick Step. 42d. Regt: 00000137.mid

A Lovely Lass to a Friar Came: 00000138.mid

2d. Quick Step of 15th. Regt: 00000139.mid

Sukey Bids me: 00000140.mid

The Major: 00000141.mid

The Dumb Glutton: 00000142.mid

Norickystie or the Wild Irish Man: 00000143.mid

March des Gen's d' Armes: 00000144.mid

Wilke's Wrigle
The Deil's Awa wi th' Exciseman
: 00000145.mid

Major Jas. Campbell's Quick Step W.F.R: 00000146.mid

Shiling O'Gairey
Chiling O Guiry
Shulen a Gurie
: 00000147.mid

Old Plantation Girls: 00000148.mid

The Merry Dancers: 00000149.mid

Irish Trott: 00000150.mid

O gin ye were dead Gudeman: 00000151.mid

The Polygon: 00000152.mid

Sam Jones: 00000153.mid

The Braes of Angus: 00000154.mid

Lary Grogan: 00000155.mid

Quick March Scots Royals: 00000156.mid

Quick Step 30th. Regt: 00000157.mid

The Lasses of Dunse: 00000158.mid

Willie's Auld Trews
Sean Triubhas Uilleachan
Deil Stick the Minister
This is No My Ain Hoose
This is No My Ain Plaid

The Amorous Goddess: 00000160.mid

Borlum's Reel: 00000161.mid

La Nouvelle Angloise: 00000162.mid

Pompey ran away: 00000163.mid

Grace's Farewell: 00000164.mid

2d. Quick Step 30th. Regt: 00000165.mid

Colr. Archd. Campbells Quick Step: 00000166.mid

Quick Step 2d. Batn. Royals: 00000167.mid

Pease upon a Trencher: 00000168.mid

Quick March 19th. Regt: 00000169.mid

Lord Kelly's Reel: 00000170.mid

Quick Step. Fencibles: 00000171.mid

The Hammermen's March, or Tinkers Occupation
Clout the Cauldron
The Fornicator (Burns)

The Taylor's March: 00000173.mid

The Weavers March or 21st. of August: 00000174.mid

The Free Mason's March
Free and Accepted Mason

The Cordwainer's March
Mr Nairne's Strathspey [Daniel MacLaren]
The Revd. Patrick Macdonald of Kilmore [Alexander Camp]
Lord Balgonie's Favorite [Niel and Nathaniel Gow]
Gloomy Winter [Robert Tannahill]
the theme from The Piano [Michael Nyman]

The Gardener's March
Dainty Davie

The three Sheep Skins: 00000178.mid

Capt. Campbel of Aird's Quick Step W.F.R: 00000179.mid

Ranger's Frolick: 00000180.mid

The Wrights Rant
The Stool of Repentance

Lord Glencairn's Quick Step. W.F.R: 00000182.mid

Lass if I come near you: 00000183.mid

Quick Step West Fencibles: 00000184.mid

Lesslie' March
Leslie's March
Blue Bonnets over the Border

A Spanish March: 00000186.mid

Come hap me with thy Petticoat
Leith Wynd

Aldridge's Allemande: 00000188.mid

The Whipman Laddie: 00000189.mid

Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on
The Cuckoo's Nest

Tristram Shandy: 00000191.mid

A Trumpet Air: 00000192.mid

Quick Step 32d. Regt: 00000193.mid

A Rock & a wi Pickle Tow: 00000194.mid

Lassie wi the Yellow Coatie: 00000195.mid

Irish Lilt: 00000196.mid

Buttered Pease

There's nae luck about the house: 00000198.mid

Sailor's Rant: 00000199.mid

Sae braley as I was Kiss'd Yestreen : 00000200.mid

Aird's Tunes I / # 100 - 200

Aird's Tunes I