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Aird's Tunes II, sheets & midi files # 100 - 200

© All original copyrights respected / for private use only

Aird's Tunes II
Aird's Tunes II / # 1 - 99
Midi # 100 - 200 sequenced by © Ron Clarke
Copyright notice and music reference

La Rosalia: 00000100.mid

Marquis of Huntleys Reel: 00000101.mid

The Button Hole: 00000102.mid

Aldridges Dance: 00000103.mid

Lady Harriet Hope's Reel: 00000104.mid

The Hemp Dressers: 00000105.mid

Quick March 15th Regt.: 00000106.mid

Quick Step 26th Regt.: 00000107.mid

Quick Step 12th Regt.: 00000108.mid

Bonny Charlie: 00000109.mid

Siugue: 00000110.mid

Duncan Gray: 00000111.mid

The Pantheon: 00000112.mid

Nottingham Races: 00000113.mid

The Ruffians Rant: 00000114.mid

Quick Step 55th Regt.: 00000115.mid

Prince Ferdinands Quick Step: 00000116.mid

Quick Step 2d Regt.: 00000117.mid

Giga: 00000118.mid

Johnny Macgill: 00000119.mid

Quick Step 13th Regt.: 00000120.mid

Boyne Water: 00000121.mid

Because he was a bonny Lad: 00000122.mid

Blow Zabella: 00000123.mid

Cotillon: 00000124.mid

Ross Castle: 00000125.mid

Bucket, The: 00000126.mid

Linnen Hall: 00000127.mid

Maggy Lawder: 00000128.mid

Feathers, The: 00000129.mid

Milk Maid, The: 00000130.mid

Chorus Jig: 00000131.mid

O gin ye were dead Gude-man. For the Ger. Flute: 00000132.mid

Lovely Mally: 00000133.mid

Bonton, The: 00000134.mid

Killworth Volunteers Quick March: 00000135.mid

Campbell's Allemande: 00000136.mid

Dublin Volunteers Quick March: 00000137.mid

Oak Stick: 00000138.mid

Marche Francoise: 00000139.mid

New York Girls: 00000140.mid

Sweetest Lassie: 00000141.mid

Little Skirmish: 00000142.mid

The Good Thing: 00000143.mid

The Lillie: 00000144.mid

Wilkes's Release or Quick March 48th Regt.: 00000145.mid

Braes of Auchtertyre, The: 00000146.mid

And will you be: 00000147.mid

Saw ye Johnny Coming co she: 00000148.mid

Why should I not like my Love: 00000149.mid

Symon Brodie: 00000150.mid

La Rochelle: 00000151.mid

The 14th of October: 00000152.mid

La Bisette: 00000153.mid

Genl. Carleton's Quick March: 00000154.mid

Gallway Girls: 00000155.mid

Happy Clown: 00000156.mid

Quick March 10th Regt.: 00000157.mid

The Auld Man's Mare's Dead: 00000158.mid

Love and Opportunity: 00000159.mid

Mathew Briggs: 00000160.mid

O La my Dear: 00000161.mid

The Flight: 00000162.mid

Eppie McNabb: 00000163.mid

On dit qu ia quinze ans: 00000164.mid

The Brothers: 00000165.mid

Moar Nein I Giberlan: 00000166.mid

John Anderson my Jo for the German Flute: 00000167.mid

John Anderson my Jo for the Violin or Fife: 00000168.mid

Aire de l'Opera Francoise: 00000169.mid

The Drunken Drummer: 00000170.mid

Woo'd and Married and a: 00000171.mid

Drub the Rogues: 00000172.mid

Peep of Day: 00000173.mid

A Trip to Sligo: 00000174.mid

Calimbe: 00000175.mid

This Is Not My Ain House: 00000176.mid

Oak Stick New Way: 00000177.mid

Batchelors Of Every Station: 00000178.mid

The Savage Dance with Variations: 00000179.mid

The Buffoon Dance: 00000180.mid

Braes of Balwhedar: 00000181.mid

The Sows Tail to Geordie: 00000182.mid

Quick March East York Militia: 00000183.mid

Sweet Willy O: 00000184.mid

Double Kisses: 00000185.mid

The Doctor: 00000186.mid

The Parting Kiss: 00000187.mid

My Dearie An Thou Die: 00000188.mid

Humours of Graignamanoch: 00000189.mid

The High Way to Dublin: 00000190.mid

Miss Sackvile's Fancy: 00000191.mid

O'er the Muir to Maggy: 00000192.mid

A Friend in Need: 00000193.mid

The Spinning Wheel: 00000194.mid

Sir John Malcolm: 00000195.mid

Unanimity: 00000196.mid

The Sutors of Selkirk: 00000197.mid

Duke of Perth's Reel: 00000198.mid

The Farewell: 00000199.mid

Good Night And Joy Be Wi' You All: 00000200.mid

Aird's Tunes II
Aird's Tunes II / # 1 - 99