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Erg #6
updated 21.10.2003

new  The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
new  Gentle My Love
new  Geordie
new  Ghetto
new  Gift Of A Brand New Day
new  The Glasgow Eskimos
new  Goodnight Irene
new  Gosforth's Fair Demesne
new  The Greatest Thrill
new  The Grey Cock
new  The Gypsy Laddie
new  The Gypsy Rover or The Whistlin' Gypsy

Erg #7
updated 22.10.2003

new  Galway Bay
new  Gammel Dansk
new  Gardens
Glasgow Eskimos
The Golden Vanity
new  The Gower Wassail
Green Grow The Rashes O
Green Grows the Laurel

Erg #8
updated 22.10.2003

General Guinness
new  Golden River

Erg #9
updated 22.10.2003

Give Me Your Hand
The Good-Looking Widow
The Good Ship Reuben James
Grey Cock

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