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Erg #6
updated 15.04.2003

new Daddy What Did You Do In The Strike
Dalesman's Litany
Dancing At Whitsun
new Dancing Days
new Darby O'Leary  (The Galbally Farmer)
Day Trip To Bangor
Ding Dong Dollar
new Do You See My Face
new Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down
new Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands
new Don't Turn The Key
new Don't Waste Ma Time
new Don't You Put Me Down
new Down In The Coalmine
new Drumdelgie

Erg #7
updated 16.06.2003

new D-Day Dodgers
Daddy What Did You Do In The Strike
Death Of Stephen Biko
Delirium Tremens
Ding Dong Dollar
Dirty Old Town
new Doney Gal
new The Drover's Dream
The Dutchman
new Eamonn An Chnuic (Ned of the Hill)

Erg #8
updated 16.06.2003

Dalesman's Litany
new Dark Island
Dublin Jack Of All Trades
new The Dying Soldier

Erg #9
updated 1.09.2003

The Dancers of Stanton Drew
Darby O'Leary
new Dark Lochnagar
Dives and Lazarus
Doney Gal
new Don't Get Married Girls
Drover's Dream

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