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Raglan Road   The Rambler From Clare   Ramblin' Boy   The Rangy Ribs I Bought From Micky Doo   Rare's Hill   The Rats Are Winning   The Recruiting Service Drum   The Red-Haired Man's Wife   Remember John MacLean   The Revolution's Here   Reynard The Fox   Riddles Wisely Expounded   Right Will Conquer Might   Rise! Rise! Lowland And Highland Men   River Run   The Road To Dundee   Roll On Columbia   Roll On The Day   Rollin'   The Rolling Hills Of The Borders   (When We go) Rolling Home   Romeo And Juliet   Rory Murphy   Rory O'Moore   Rosa's Lovely Daughters   Rose Of Allandale   The Rose Of York   Roses From The Wrong Man   Roses In December Rothesay-O   The Rovin' Dies Hard   The Rovin' Ploughboy   Rubenstein Remembers   Run The Film Backwards  

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