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Tae The Weavers Gin Ye Gang   Take the Children and Run   Talcahuano Girls   The Tamosher   Targets   Tatties and Herrin'   Ten O'Clock Is Ringing   The Terror Time   The Testament Of Patience Kershaw   The Thatcher O' Glenrae   There Were Roses   They'll Never Get Their Man   They Say That We've Never Had It So Good   They Wounded Old Ireland   This Land Is Your Land   This Land Is Your Land (Scottish Version)   Thousands Are Sailing   Three Craws   Three Healths   Three Men From Carntyne   Tibbie Dunbar   Tibbie Fowler   Tiger Bay   Tim McGuire   The Tinkerman's Daughter   To Be A Farmer's Boy   To Hear The Nightingale Sing   Token Sheila   Tomorrow   Tomorrow Is Another Day   Tomorrow, You're Gone   The Town I Loved So Well   Town of Kiandra (Rocking the Cradle)  

updated 08.05.2002
Trail of Tears   Trains And My Grandfather   Traveller's Moon   Travelling Doctor's Shop   Trip Through Holyhead   Trip To Jerusalem   Trouble In Mind   True Thomas   Tryweryn   Tullochgorum   Tunes Of Glory   Turn Turn Turn   Twa Recruitin' Sergeants   Twelve And A Tanner A Bottle   Twenty Years Ago   Twenty-Third Of March   Twice Daily  

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