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updated 13.06.2002
Sacco's Message To His Son  Safe In The Harbour  Sailing Through The Sky  Sally Free And Easy  Sally Wheatley  Salonika

updated 17.06.2002
The Ballad Of Sam Stone  Same Old Man  Same Old Pinball  The Sands On The Shore  Sandy Bell's Man  Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout  Saturday Night  The Saucy Sailor  Scapegoats  Scarborough Fair  Scene From A Corner Café  Scotland The Brave  Scotland's Lost Its Sense Of Humour  Scots Wha Hae  Scottish Breakaway (Coronation Coronach)  The Scottish MP  Scottish Sabbath  The Scottish Settler's Lament  (Dead Dog) Scrumpy

updated 19.06.2002
Sean O'Dhuibhir A' Gleanna  See It Come Down  See The People Run  Seeds To The Wind  Send Me Back To Georgia  Sergeant Where's Mine  Seton's Lassie  Seven Braw Goons  She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor  She's Like The Swallow  She's No Lady  The Shearin's No For You  Shenandoah  Shepherd Of The Downs  Sheriff Muir  The Sherramuir Fight  Shift And Spin  Shipyard Slips  Short Cut Through The Fields

updated 21.08.2002
Sickening Thank-You Song  Silkie (The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry)  Silo  

updated 22.08.2002
Silver Coin   The Silver Darlin's  Sing For The Song  Sing Me A Song Mr Bloom  Singing The Spirit Home  Single Handed Sailor  Sir Malcolm O'Doherty's Farewell To Scotland / Reply  Sister Josephine   Skibbereen  Skye Boat Song  Slean Libh   The Slob  Small Countries  Smoke And Strong Whiskey  Smokey  The Snows Of France And Holland  Snowy Cordillera

updated 28.08.2002
Soap Starch And Candles  Soldier  Some Hae Meat  Some Kind Of Love  Some People Cry   Song For Ireland  Song For Jacqueline  The Song Of The Pineapple Rag  Song Of The Plough  Song Of The Whale  Song Of Unrequited Love  Song Of The Wandering Aengus  The Song Song  Sons Of Heroes  Southside Blues  Sovay  The Spanish Lady  Sparkles And Shines  Speaking Hands, Eearing Eyes  The Spirit Of Riel  

updated 29.08.2002
Stan Rogers The Singer  Stand Together  Stand Up For Judas  Standing At The Door  Standing In Line  Standing In The Rain  Starstruck  Steady As She Goes  The Steggie  A Stitch In Thime  The Stoutest Man In The Forty-Twa  (Last Night I Had The) Strangest Dream  Streets Of London  Sudako And The Paper Cranes  Summer Of Love  The Sun And The Moon  The Sun Is Burning  Sunday On The Jar  Sundays  Sure Sounds Like Society To Me  Sweet Pamela Brown  Sweet Song Of Yesterday  Sweet Thames Flow Softly

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